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MCLS Comics Booklist

Page history last edited by Jason 9 years, 11 months ago

Friday, August 6, 2010

 The list of approved titles are now on their own page waiting for anotations. I put the age guidlines in parentheses.  - Miranda

MCLS Comics Booklist Annotations


Thursday, November 5, 2009


Here is the list I  compiled from our last meeting. Feel free to add to it as desired. Maybe we could do something like add your name after the book if you vote yes or no. I did the first to show what I mean. How many "yes" votes should we need to include something? Three? Four? Also, if anybody has better ideas, please come forth. I haven't done this sort of thing much! Also, items that are NOT in print are bolded.




Slade, Christian

 (JP -Yes) (MH-yes) (SZ-Yes)


Runton, Andy

(AF-yes)(AH-YES!)(JP-Yes) (AEH -yes) (MH-yes) (JB-yes)


Faller, Regis

(AF-yes)(MH –Yes)(AH-No)(JP-Yes)(JB-yes)


Early Readers


Davis, Eleanor

(AF-yes) (MH –Yes) (AH - YES!)(JB-yes)

Benny and Penny in the Big No-No!* Hayes, Geoffrey  (AF-yes)(SZ-yes)(AEH-yes)(MH-yes)(AH-yes)(JB-yes)
Johhny Boo (series) * Kochalka, James  (JP-yes)(SZ-yes) (AH - yes)(JB-yes)(MH-Yes)


Amelia Rules*

Gownley, Jimmy

(AF-yes) (AEH-yes)(JB-no) (AH - YES!)


Holm, Jennifer

(AF-yes) (AH-Yes) (AEH-yes)(JB-yes)

Binky the Space Cat*

Spires, Ashley

(AF-yes) (AH-YES!) (AEH-yes)(JB-YES)

Dodgeball Chronicles

Cammuso, Frank

(AH-yes) (JB-yes)(MH-Yes)

Fashion Kitty

Harper, Charise

Kit Feeney* Townsend, Michael (JP-yes) (AF-yes) (SZ-yes) (AEH-yes) (AH - YES!) (JB-yes)

Peach Fuzz 

Cibos, Linsay and Jared Hodges 

(AH - Yes) 

Secret Science Alliance*

Davis, Eleanor

(AF-YES!) (JB-Yes)(MH-Yes)

Tiny Tyrant*

Trondheim, Lewis  (JP-yes) (JB-yes) (MH-Yes)


Azuma, Kiyohiko

(AF-yes)(AH-YES!) (JP-Yes)(JB-yes)




Kibuishi, Kazu

(MH-Yes)(JP-yes)(AEH-yes)(AH-YES!) (JB-yes)





Smith, Jeff

(JP- YES) (MH –Yes) (AH-Yes)(JB-yes)

Don't Look Now

Briant, Ed


Goosebumps comics (series name is Goosebumps Graphix)

 R.L. Stine; adapted by various authors, published by Scholastic   (AH - yes)(JP-yes) 

Gunnerkrigg Court*(on hold)

Siddell, Tom



Soo, Kean

(AF-yes)(AH-YES!)(JP-Yes) (JB-yes)

Magic Trixie*

Thompson, Jill


Polly and the Pirates

Naifeh, Ted

 (JP-Yes) (JB-yes) 

Mouse Guard*

Petersen, David


Rapunzel's Revenge*

Hale, Shannon

(MH-yes)(SZ-yes) (AH - YES!)(JB-Yes)

Salt Water Taffy

Loux, Matthew



Kovac, Tommy 

(SZ- yes) (AH - no)
  The Arrival*  Tan, Shaun 

 (JP-yes)  (AH - yes)(JB-yes)


Science Fiction

Clone Wars Adventures*

    (JP-Yes) (SZ-Yes) (JB-yes) (AH - no)

Sardine from Outer Space*

Guibert, Emmanuel

 (JP-Yes) (AH - yes) (SZ-Yes)(JB-yes)

Super Heroes

The Adventures of Daniel Boom, AKA Loud Boy Steinberg, D.J. (AH - ?/am wanting to discuss this one)


Giarrusso, Chris

 (JP-Yes) (MH-Yes) (AH-YES!)

X-Men First Class*

Parker, Jeff

 (JP-Yes) (SZ-Yes) (AF-yes)(JB-yes)

Literary Adaptations

Adventures in Oz

Shanower, Eric

 (JP-Yes) (JB-yes)(MH-Yes) 
Wonderful Wizard of Oz* Baum, Shanower, Young (AF-YES!) (JP-YES!)(JB-yes) (AEH-yes)(MH-Yes)


adapted by P. Russell

 (JP-Yes)(AH-Yes) (SZ-Yes)(MH-yes)(JB-yes)


O'Connor, George 

(JP-yes) (SZ-Yes)(MH-Yes)

All-Action Classics: Tom Sawyer *

Twain, Mucci, Sechrist 


Tales of the Bros. Grimm  (Class. Ill.)*

Mazan, Petit, Chicault 

(JP-yes) (JB-yes)(AEH-yes)


Four pictures by Emily Carr*

Debon, Nicolas

 (JP-Yes) (AH-Yes)(MH-Yes)

Houdini the Handcuff King

Lutes, Jason


Howtoons: the Possibilities are Endless -OUT OF PRINT

Griffith, Saul


Adventures in Cartooning* 

Sturm, James 


Manga Bible


 (AH - Yes)(JB-yes)(MH-Yes)

Smile *

Telgemeier, Raina  (JP-Yes)(SZ-yes)(AEH-yes)(MH-Yes)

Strongest Man in the World: Louis Cyr*

Debon, Nicolas

(JP-Yes)(AEH-yes)(AH - No)(MH-yes)(JB-no)

To Dance*

Siegel, Siena

(AF-yes) (MH –Yes) (AEH-yes) (AH-YES!)(JB-no)

The Wall Sis, Peter (JB-yes) 
T-Minus: The Race to the Moon*  Ottaviani, Jim 


Amelia Earhart: this Broad Ocean  Taylor, Towle  (SZ- yes)(JP-yes) 


Adventures of TinTin



Into the Volcano*

Wood, Don

(JP-Yes) (AH-YES!)(MH-yes) (AEH-yes)(JB-Yes)

Nancy Drew

Petrucha, Stephan

(AH - no)(AF-YES!)(JB-no) 



Storm in the Barn (MH-yes)(SZ-yes)(AEH-yes)(JP-yes)(AH - yes)*



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