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Kids' Comics in Education

Page history last edited by Jason 9 years, 9 months ago

Maryland Comic Book Initiative- Maryland Public schools are using comics in the classroom statewide.


Abdo's Free Teacher Guides- Abdo Publishing, which puts out library bound comics of popular titles such as Star Wars, Spider-Man, and Transformers, also has free lesson guides for a number of the comics that they publish.


Comics in Education- Gene Yang's M.Ed project proposal, which includes a link to "Factoring with Mr. Yang," an online math lessons using comics.


National Association of Comics Art Educators- (From the website) "This site's objective is to be a resource where the growing number of educators in comic art/sequential art can get and share ideas. It is also hoped that educators who work in other disciplines can use comics as a way of furthering their own objectives. The 'Teaching Resources' menu provides links to a wealth of teaching materials as well as a directory of comics educators."


Kids' Comic Con- Held in Brooklyn. I stumbled upon this website while searching for our website. Apparently KCC is already taken as an acronym. Go figure :).


Lesson plans from First Second Books: American Born Chinese, Sardine, Lost Colony, Deogratias 


"Comics in Class" Time for Kids April 28, 2008- brief article written for upper elementary-aged kids


The Comic Book Project

from the website: "The Comic Book Project is an arts-based literacy and learning initiative hosted by the nonprofit Center for Educational Pathways with materials published by Dark Horse Comics.

The goal of the project is to help children forge an alternative pathway to literacy by writing, designing, and publishing original comic books.

The Comic Book Project puts children in the role of creators, rather than merely receivers of information. Children write and draw about their personal experiences and interests, thereby engaging them in the learning process and motivating them to succeed in school, after school, and in life."


The Graphic Classroom

This includes reviews and discussion of comics and education.


Comics in the Classroom

Reviews, lesson plans, and interviews.


Get Graphic

Buffalo and Erie County Public Libraries site with information for educators, librarians, parents, and recommendations.


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