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5-31-13 minutes

Page history last edited by Amy Holland 7 years ago

KCC Meeting Minutes Friday 5/31/13


Present: Jason Poole, Lyla Grills, Miranda Hazen, Stacey Martin, and Tonia Burton briefly

Date for the Conference:

  • ·         We settled on two possible dates for the next conference May 2nd or 9th both Fridays.
  • ·         Tonia had input from Jim Belair of BOCES that April is problematic because of testing and that most ordering is done in May so that early in that month is a good time.
  • ·         Jason is checking when Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) 2014 is so that we aren’t competing with it.

Things to change for next conference:

  • ·         Based on attendee comments we will try to compile lists of all titles to be discussed for distribution.
  • ·         We will also set up KGA so that all attendees can eat comfortably. Round tables won’t fit everyone but long tables will. We will have to have some time to fix the setup between the previous session during which time we can encourage people to visit the bookstore to buy books for signing later.
  • ·         Most people ordered lunch so to simplify we will just include lunch in the registration.
  • ·         We still want to keep it under $50 so we thought $35 for early bird and $45 for standard registration which is the same as last time with lunch included.

Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF):

  • ·         Jason proposed that we the KCC go to Professional Day at the next TCAF, maybe rent a van together.
  • ·         Tonia suggested a Harold Hacker grant for that but since the event itself is free and it would just be transportation we’re not sure if it would be worth it.

Ideas for Presenters:

  • ·         Jason heard Raina Telgemeier and Dave Roman do a great keynote at TCAF professional development day.
  • ·         Jeff Lemire did a lot of independent graphic novels and is now doing stuff for DC so maybe he can do something about the differences there.
  • ·         We like all the people we had last time too and would like to invite some of them back, maybe Karen Green, Coleen Venable and or Chris Giarusso?
  • ·         We know Anne had an idea for someone but we couldn’t remember who it was.


  • ·         We did many things last time much later than we should have. Miranda will look into when we did things last time and work on getting a timeline of tasks that will work better.
  • ·         One thing that will help getting the necessary contract and things like that done in a more timely manner is getting contact info for committed presenters to Miranda and Tonia as soon as you have that commitment.
  • ·         One of the first things we need on that timeline will be a save the date to go out in early September. We had intended to do this last time but felt we should have more info than we had at that time. Since this is our second conference we will send it out with the website address and polish that up so people can see how the last one went.

Schedule Ideas:

  • ·         Because of Jason’s idea about a Raina Telgemeier and Dave Roman keynote, we discussed the possibility of not doing the fun intro that we did last time or just doing a shorter one and then having a 5 min break and keeping everyone in KGA for the keynote.
  • ·         We thought maybe the sessions were too short last time so we would make them a full hour with 15 minutes  between and just have three sessions after the keynote. It might look something like this:

8:00-8:30              Registration and Breakfast

8:30-9:05              Intro

9:10-10:10           Keynote

10:25-11:25         Session 1 (2 choices)

11:30-12:45         Lunch                                   

1:00-2:00              Session 2 (2 choices)

2:15-3:15              Session 3 (2 choices)

3:30-4:45              Book Signing

(This is the Schedule that we came up with but it does not really allow for the time we may need for setting up KGA for lunch so it may need some tweaking.)

  • ·         With a full hour we could do some sessions with 2 creators each taking a ½ hour.
  • ·         This schedule also has us going later than last time but we thought it would be ok.

To do soon:

  • ·         Jason checking on TCAF date so we can finalize conference date.
  • ·         Miranda working on timeline.
  • ·         Work on polishing up the website with great info on the last conference.
  • ·         Work on the Save the Date to send out in September.


Next meeting is tentatively June 21st


Respectfully Submitted,

Miranda Hazen

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