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Minutes 1_6_12

Page history last edited by Amy Holland 8 years, 7 months ago


To-Do list for conference:

  • •         Publicize/GET THE WORD OUT!!
    • o       February J meeting – Jason will make a brief presentation about the conference.  Think about other places/events where he could make presentations.  Anne suggested job fairs for new teachers.
    • o       Ask Xandi to bring up conference at next YA meeting
  • •         Discuss finances further – maybe we should create a Google Docs spreadsheet to keep track of how the money is allotted so far?
  • •         Start thinking about the conference day itself and what we will need, for starters:
    • o       Go through registrants and contact people we think would be willing to act as room monitors
    • o       Create directional signage
  • •         Start thinking about putting together sign-in packets.  Things to include:
    • o       Map
    • o       Schedule
    • o       Items from Scholastic
    • o       Evaluation form
    • o       Attendance certificate
    • o       Presenter bios
  • •         Send instructional email to registrants, a week or so before the conference.  This will include info such as where to park/how to enter the building since the conference will start before the building is officially open
  • •         Get small gifts for presenters, maybe something that is Rochester-themed?  Jason also suggested a $10 B&N gift card.
  • •         Think about where the autographs will happen and logistics for setting it up:
    • o       If it happens in Kate Gleason, we’ll have to move all the chairs.  Central maintenance staff can help with this, as well as volunteers.
  • •         Tim Horton’s for refreshments the morning of the conference – Tonia will take care of this
    • o       We need to know how many people register and how much grant money we have left.




  1. Email W. Irondequoit superintendent’s office to ask about dropping off fliers
  2. Once schedule is finalized, post it on blog
  3. Look into publicizing at Geneseo, Brockport, U of R, and Roberts Wesleyan


  1. Send us letter to principals promoting the conference
  2. Contact Shana about publicizing via her regional library council/listservs
  3. Look into publicizing at Naz


  1. Write remaining session descriptions
  2. Email Tonia the names and addresses of all presenters (for the Agreement for Professional Services)
  3. Check with Adrienne to make sure he can come to the February J meeting
  4. Talk to Rand so we can finalize schedule, email Amy when this step is completed
  5. Talk to Franzie about publicizing at MCC


  1. Check in with BOCES contact about offering BOCES CE credits
  2. Prepare Agreement for Professional Services document
  3. Set up the book sale with Barnes and Noble
  4. Re-send conference info to listservs – now, early March, and early April


  1. Bring up conference at next YA meeting

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