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Jason's Meeting with Dr Laura

Page history last edited by Amy Holland 9 years, 2 months ago

-Laura thinks it would be a good idea to get everyone in the same room at the beginning, so she suggested that we say "due to space limitations, only the first 175 will be able to attend the first session"--and then have a shorter session (maybe 45 minutes). I was thinking we'd introduce the panelists and maybe have a mini-panel discussion with a good question to get people thinking throughout the day. Then we split up into our regular sessions. Then, instead of calling someone a "keynote" speaker, call them a "featured" speaker.
-Ask potential program presenters what they would talk about if they had 15 minutes, vs. what they would talk about if they had an hour, to help them and us to focus on program ideas
-Panel discussion idea: "What is the importance of comics in our culture?" with at least one creator, pub. librarian, and teacher
-We need a secondary title for out conference that fleshes out a theme--"Comics, Libraries, and Education (colon)..." A lot of the programs we've talked about deal with raising awareness about the relevance of comics in a variety of professional applications, so I'd like to come up with something along those lines.
-What do we want our attendees to come away with at the end? And what do we need to give them to get them there?
-Laura has volunteered to look into what it would take us to offer continuing ed. credit for teachers. It's possible it might be a more complex process than we think, so we may need to determine whether or not it's worth being able to offer it.
-For our chat room idea, she suggested round tables with signs on them indicating more specific area of conversation, whether it be genre, age levels, etc. A moderator might ring a bell after 15-20 minutes to give folks an opportunity to switch tables if they want. We also might want to consider having conversation-starting materials on the tables as well...maybe lesson plans, sample questions, etc.
-Laura and I talked about her organizing a panel discussion on multi-modal literacy as it relates to comics. She has some folks she can contact who would possibly willing to be on the panel as well.

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