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Conference Outline

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Introduction (all partcipants)




Mark Siegel

(script to publisher, how comics are made)

Topics and Trends in J and YA Comics

Giarrusso, Venable, Karp, Cammuso,  Bellavia, Hicks/Holland (moderators)



George O’Connor

(adapting Greek myths)

Multi-Modal Literacy

Hopkins, Jones, Jones (moderator), Adrielle






Mark Siegel

(comics and culture: history and relevance)

Comics in the Classroom

Green, Cammuso, Karp, Bellavia (moderator?)



Colleen Venable and Chris Giarrusso

(comics, literacy, education)

Evaluating Comics

Green, Poole (moderator), O’Connor, Weldgen, Karp, Bellavia



Autographing Session






George O'Connor

Chris Giarrusso

Mark Siegel

Colleen Venable

Karen Green

Jesse Karp

Frank Cammuso



I think originally we had discussed having the last hour free for people to meet the comic book creators and what not.  Are we still planning on this?


Confirmed Speakers and their credentials: (as of 7/11/11)

Jesse Karp- school librarian at LREI (Little Red School House and Elisabeth Irwin High School) and a professor of Library and Information Sciences at Pratt Institute, both in New York City.  His books include Graphic Novels in Your School Library and the YA novel Those That Wake.  Visit his website at beyondwhereyoustand.com.

Frank Cammuso - Eisner-nominated creator of the Max Hamm, Fairy Tale Detective graphic novels. His work has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, USA Today, and Newsweek. He lives in Syracuse, New York.

Mark Siegel -graphic novel creator and the editorial director and founder of First Second Books. His best-known works include To Dance (recipient of the Sibert Honor), Sea Dogs (winner of the Bluebonnet Award), and the webcomic Sailor Twain, which you can read online at www.sailortwain.com

George O'Connor - Graphic novel illustrator and creator. O'Connor is currently working on Olympians, a projected 12-book series retelling the Greek Myths in a graphic novel format, with one book for each Olympian god. three volumes are published so far: Zeus, Athena, and Hera. Hades is due to be published in January 2012. He adapted and illustrated Journey Into Mohawk Country as well as authored a number of picture books.

Chris Giarrusso -  Graphic novel author/illustrator best known for the all-ages series G-Man published by Image Comics and Mini Marvels published by Marvel Comics.

Colleen Venable - graphic novel author and designer best known for her Guinea Pig: Pet Shop Private Eye series published by Graphic Universe.
and her work designing for First Second Books.

Karen Green - Ancient & Medieval History and Religion Librarian at Columbia University. She began the comics and graphic novel collection at Columbia in 2005. She works extensively with Columbia faculty in a wide range of disciplines to facilitate the use of comics in their courses, including the School of the Arts, American Studies, English and Comparative Literature, History, and the medical school. Karen was also a judge for the 2011 Eisner Awards .

Rand Bellavia - Rand Bellavia is the Library Director at D'Youville College in Buffalo, New York. He has spoken on comics in college classrooms, public libraries, and at science fiction conventions. In his other life, he is the singer/songwriter/guitarer for the nerd-rock band Ookla the Mok.

Franzie Weldgen - art professor in the Visual & Performing Arts Department at Monroe Community College. He has created comic curriculums for MCC and the University of Arizona and has exhibited his work throughout the US, including in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC.

Maria Baldassarre Hopkins – An assistant professor in Language, Literacy, and Technology Department at Nazareth College, Maria teaches courses on K-12 literacy instruction as well as current topics and issues in literacy education.   Her current research includes a collaboration with Laura Jones to explore the changing nature of reading in response to the innovations in multimedia and multimodal text compositions.
Laura C.S. Jones --  An associate professor in Language, Literacy, and Technology Department at Nazareth College, Laura teaches courses on K-12 literacy instruction, young adult literature, and composing in a digital age.   Her current research includes a collaboration with Maria Hopkins to explore the changing nature of reading in response to the innovations in multimedia and multimodal text compositions.

Rachel Bailey Jones - An assistant professor in the Department Social and Psychological Foundations of Education at Nazareth College.  Rachel teaches courses the historical and social foundations of education for both undergraduate and graduate level teacher education students.  She conducts scholarship in the area of critical media and visual literacy and has most recently presented a lecture entitled, “Mosques, Minarets and Meaning: Graphic Xenophobia and its Implications for Educators.”

Adrielle MitchellAssociate Professor and Chair of the English department in the College of Arts and Sciences at Nazareth College.  Adrielle  has a passion for comics and the graphic narrative, and regularly teaches a course entitled “International Graphic Narrative.”  Her most recent work is a chapter titled, “Exposition and Disquisition:  Non-Fiction Graphic Narratives and Comics Theory in the Literature Classroom,” in Teaching Graphic Novels in the Literature Classroom (edited by Lan Dong, forthcoming from McFarland Press). 



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Amy Holland said

at 1:34 pm on Mar 28, 2011

Nice job on this, Anne! I like the idea of keeping the last hour open for a meet and greet. All the time slots look good. Good job on remembering to leave people time to get from one place to the other! --amy

ahicks0@gmail.com said

at 7:55 pm on Apr 6, 2011

So I finally made the changes Adrienne suggested. If anyone sees a mistake or has something to add please do it! ("WE"LL DO IT LIVE!")

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